After struggling to ice up with a bag of frozen peas on the lounge after rigorous exercise we knew there had to be better recovery solution for this well known problem.

Recoverite CEO/Founder Abel Podger competes in the SA Triathlon

In 2016  two endurance athletes in Adelaide, South Australia started looking for an efficient way to ice up after sport to prevent and treat injuries, and ultimately  to ensure rapid overnight recovery.


That's what the guys at Recoverite in Adelaide South Australia have designed and launched for sports people of all sporting easy way to ice up on the go combining the benefits of compression and ice. 


The result - ice compressionware™ technology combining a premium quality, unique blend compression fabric with custom slimline ClayFlex™ super mouldable gel ice packs, targeting key muscle groups.

Recoverite ice compression systems are used by endurance and contact sports athletes all over the world. We consider them to be more that just individual users.  They are a collective , AN ALLIANCE made up of professional and amateur competitors all experiencing the benefits of the Recoverite system, starting with our sponsored South Australians shown right.

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